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"In our new home, the front entry had a large side light. We liked the light source but needed privacy.
Keri was able to combine her talents and create a window to capture the outdoors as well as our home decor."

Charlotte and Allan Hall, Wickenburg, AZ

"We had a beautiful window a friend had made us and we wanted to incorporate it into our new house's front door.
We had a few problems with the new front door.
Once all the many problems were worked out and the door finally fit, the window didn't.
We called the local glass company and they recommended Keri from Art-a-facts Stained Glass.
Keri was able to enlarge the window just enough to fit into the door's opening.
We were so pleased we had her design and build the side light window to match the window in the door."

Nancy and Harry Thurston, Wickenburg, AZ

"I was on a budget, but wanted some stained or colored glass in my front entry.
I get all that hot sun glaring in every summer afternoon.
It really heats it up.
Working with Keri I was able to have some beautiful glass installed, which gave me privacy and cut down on the blazing afternoon sun.
Thanks, Keri, you did a great job!"

Mary Phillips, Wickenburg, AZ