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(me) Miss Holley King

This is a link to my "Miss Holley King's Rock-a-billy & BEYOND" MySpace page.
Yep, this is what I do when I am not doing Stained Glass or Art

Remember you can check out my radio show every weekend
on these fine listener support radio stations...
Radio Free Phoenix.com and Deep Oldies.com

Here are other places you can contact me on the World Wide Web...

Rockabilly Hall of Fame

The "Rockabilly Hall Of Fame" and
the man Bob Timmers who "keeps the train a-rollin'"...

Wanda Jackson

The 1st Woman to do Rock-a-billy -a-n-d-
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer!(yea!)

Deke Dickerson

The Double neck guitar playin' man.

Blue Sude News

Great reading material put out by Mark and Gaby Bristol.
Featuring some great interviews by Ken Burke

Rhythm Room
Bob Corritore... the man who is on KJZZ Phoenix's local NPR station brings the
"Low Down Blues" to your ears every Sunday night!
(He also is the owner of the local favorite The Rhythm Room)

Bob Corritore

Mr. Harmonica man!

Crafty Chica

Kathy Cano Murillo...
Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous Writer and Crafter Extraordinaire
(and Phoenix Frida friend)

Flying Mair

Helicopter Pilot,
Web Designer,
Writer and friend

Radio Free Phoenix

Free Form Underground Rock is alive and well on Radio Free Phoenix.
One of the radio staions that carries my radio show
"Rock-a-billy & BEYOND" every Sunday (and Saturday) afternoons at 2pm Arizona time.

The Phoenix Fridas

A womens art collective I am lucky to be a part of...
Rising up from the flames, for the sake of Art and Craft.
(Est. in 2004)

Tracy Dove.com

Bohemian Folk Artist, Tracy Dove (and fellow Phoenix Frida)
has the most amazing and wonderful Paintings, Creations
and Adult Coloring Books you have ever seen...

Radio Free Phoenix
Free Form Underground Rock is alive and well on Radio Free Phoenix.
With over 14 thousand songs. RFP surges forward
-- bringing the music freedom back to the FM airwaves--

You can now hear Ken Rundel & M.J. Nolen, Andy Olson, Liz Boyle,
Dave Cooper, Cheryl Sweet, Joe Catanzaro & Brad Scalf,

Monday through Friday on Radio Free Phoenix.

Deep Oldies
Tune in for one of the deepest mixes of Rock 'n Roll from the 50's, 60's & 70's.
Deep Oldies.com play the songs other oldies stations can only dream about!

Listen for Angela Allen, Charmi O'Connor, Landshark, Mariah Fleming, Gary Laatsch
& Chris Herrick
and more only on Deep Oldies.com